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Usein kysytyt kysymykset

Mistä löydät Euroopassa myytäviä autoja?

Mitä muita tuontikuluja tulee maksettavaksi?

  • Kaupan välitys 400 €. Rekkarahti Suomeen alkaen 620 €. Asiamiehen kilometrikorvaus 0,45 € / km.
  • Autovero, jonka voit laskea autoverolaskurin avulla
  • ja Autoscautista löytämäsi auton tuontikulut voit laskea
    ketävästi automaattisella tarjouskoneellamme

Otatteko vaihtoautoja?

  • Voit tarjota nykyistä autoasi yhteistyökummanillemme SuomenAutokauppa Oy:lle jani.seppala(at)
  • Autorahoitus on nykyään halpaa. Suosittelemme ostamaan uuden auton rahoituksella pienellä käsirahalla ja myymään edellisen auton itse kaikessa rauhassa sivuston avulla. Kun saat vanhan autosi myytyä, niin voit halutessasi lyhentää rahoitusta reilusti tai vaikka maksaa sen kokonaan pois.

Miten takaatte, että tämä on turvallista?

  • Auto vakuutetaan Suomalaisessa vakuutusyhtiössä heti kun se maksetaan Eurooppaan
  • Ammattiosaamisemme ja kokemuksemme takaa sinulle turvalliset autokaupat. Yksikään asiakaamme ei ole koskaan menettänyt rahojaan tai jäänyt saamatta autoaan.
  • Pienellä lisähinnalla saat meiltä autokaupan Totaaliturvan. Auton myyjäksi vaihtuu Suomen Tuontipalvelu ja auto myydään sinulle parhaan tason Turvalla (kuin takuu) ilman kilometrirajaa (1-2 vuotta).


Over contract terms and the professional know-how guarantee you a safe car dealerships.

  • Our attorneys examine the car in most cases more than help you learn more yourself.
  • You can select the best vehicle from European market.We make it easy and safe for you to buy any vehicle
  • If you cancel your subscription, so will refund your money. Read more for fair terms of the contract we.
  • Inspected by the cars get to buy up to a 24-month warranty with no mileage limit of insurance and deductibles.
  • Our pricing is transparent and clear. You pay for nothing.
  • We are the market leader in the importation of used cars.

Order 19 € starter Money Back Guarantee

Pinpoint more detailed audit


Agents go through every detail of the vehicle and carefully. We read fault codes, and check the paint meter. You get plenty of high-resolution images and more than one hundred report


We want to be honest and maintain ongoing customer relationships. We will report to you your shortcomings openly, because we are not to impose their own our cars.


In general, the car has been inspected within a couple of working days from order anywhere in Europe. Car ajoosi get two weeks immediately Finnish plates.

We are not perfect, but we're working on it. If I make a mistake,so we take responsibility for it.

Order 19€ starter Money Back Guarantee

Why Finland Oy Import?

  • We are a second-hand vehicles import and market leader in car taxation expert.

  • We work in cooperation with A-Inspection. I give you a car from any import inspections tekevältä A-Inspection Station.

  • In our case our men are everywhere in Europe. You pay for long journeys.

  • We have honed their examination and admission process pinnacle - your advantage. We inspect vehicles in each country according to the same high standards.

Order 19€ starterMoney Back Guarantee

We are all over Europe

We are ready to inspect the vehicles anywhere in Europe. Trained agents are already operating in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Swedish
  • Italy
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium / Netherlands
  • Great Britain
  • Spain
  • The Czech Republic
  • Austria

Would you like to take the car as an inspector? Do you live in, which has an opening on our map.

Read more demands and, please contact us.

How does the process proceeds

  1. Find a pleasant car

    If you speak English or German, then use the search engines or personal favorite car, motorcycle, van or motorhome to find as vast European market. You can also use the website in Finnish car model. The search looks in real-time available on the website used cars.

  2. See details

    Click the "Offer Machine" link in the top menu of our sites. Copy found the sales note is the vehicle as a whole web address box and press "View offer" button. Offer Machine also works as you enter the address box, a Google maps to identify.

  3. Room

    299 € Inspection Service. We will search and inspect one vehicle in Europe. You might have found an interesting option already. Our agent will analyse the ad and he will call the seller. Together you can decide the one that will be inspected. We make the buying of a vehicle more safe and easy than ever before.

    Read more 299 € totaalipalvelusta Money Back Guarantee

We are ready to serve

Auto Saksasta | Tuontipalvelu Oy

The head office and logistics center
Free Port
10900 Hanko

Call to order 010 320 8080 (Mon-Fri 9-19)
or fill out the order form

Subscribe to € 690 totaalipalvelus Money Back Guarantee

importation and taxation of automobiles service phone

0600 984 53 (Mon-Fri 9-19)

We will disclose those who carry out inspections of cars import
A-Inspection Stations. See the locations of the stations.

In co-operation

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